Letters to the Editor

Letter: No seismic test

The sentiments expressed by Bob Lilley in his Viewpoint article entitled “Seismic test not worth damage to the ocean” are so true! Don’t those of us who were here in 2003 remember the 6.5 earthquake off of San Simeon? We know that there are faults near enough to do damage to the Diablo Canyon reactor from that “test.” What more do we need to show us that the potential for a much larger earthquake is there?

If we allow the killing of sea life and ruin the reemerging fisheries with these pointless tests, we are really not thinking clearly. No matter how powerful PG&E is, they should not be allowed to dictate damaging tests in this county in order to further their profit goals and at the expense of creatures who can’t prevent it and don’t know it’s coming.

All of us should be working on clean energy plans, including PG&E. They have the perfect place to develop wind and wave technologies, which wouldn’t require dangerous tests and wholesale killing of ocean creatures. Instead of investing so much time and money into propping up Diablo, they could be a leader in clean and safe energy development.