Letters to the Editor

Letter: Defending rights

Dear Rita, ("Who's being sexist," Aug. 31), and other California women who consider who consider the obsessive focus on birth control and abortion to be "shameless pandering."

Please understand that living in California, we live in a culture that recognizes the importance of providing access to contraceptive care to females. Women who are old enough to have sex are old enough to obtain reproductive care (without parental consent if between the ages of 13 and 17).

Rape victims have the right to be informed by emergency room physicians about emergency contraception. If a physician writes a prescription for birth control, this prescription will not be refused by our local pharmacist. Emergency contraception is available. If a woman cannot continue a pregnancy, she can obtain a legal procedure to terminate the pregnancy, without a vaginal ultrasound. This is not the situation in other states.

The conservative right promises to reduce women’s access to reproductive health, on a national level, just as they have done so, successfully, in many states. For more information about restrictions to reproductive care for women state-by-state, visit www.guttmacher.org  .

Yes, we have already won these battles for women’s health. However, these rights (upheld by the Supreme Court) have been chipped away. If we are not vigilant, we will lose them. Our daughters and granddaughters are counting on us.