Letters to the Editor

Letter: Areas for savings

A recent article in The Tribune claimed that the Social Security surplus is shrinking. The claim is that there are fewer contributors and longer lives. This is incomplete, because funds are stolen.

Congress and the White House must stop squandering the people’s money. Examples for savings are:

1. Reduce 800 military bases in the world.

2. Guide NATO, United Nations and Interpol to share more world police actions.

3. Implement the U.S. Government Accountability Office’s report on eliminating duplication, overlap and fragmentation of 81 of the government agencies.

4. Stop campaign payback and stop vote bribery for stimulus and earmarks.

5. Return “golden monetary handshakes” to the Treasury Department for former executives of TARP.

6. Reduce the 45 czars, 454-member staff and vacation time for the White House.

7. Contribute to one of these: World Bank, International Monetary Fund or Agency for International Development.

8. Stop aid bribery to uncooperative or corrupt governments, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Egypt. Charge for noncombative services.

9. Enforce immigration laws. Complete border protection and deport criminals.

Many more savings can be implemented to assure adequacy of Social Security funds. Citizens come first.