Letters to the Editor

Letter: What controversy?

Last week, The Tribune published an op-ed titled, “It’s no contest for some local office holders,” where it called the Atascadero Walmart a “controversy .” As a35-year resident of Atascadero, I would hardly call Walmart a controversy. It is apopular talking point within our town. The majority of families are welcoming Walmart to town.

It is a one-stop-shop for everything on my list, which makes my life and the lives of my friends easier. In a time where people are struggling to find a job and pay their bills, the introduction of Walmart to Atascadero is a blessing. Not only will it create more jobs, but the additional tax revenue will be used to help pay for public services, such as police and fire.

When we first moved to Atascadero, the roads were in about the same condition they are now. We were told that’s what you get for being in a rural area. We’ve lived in other rural areas that had good roads, because they had the income from city businesses. Atascadero, with tax revenues, can improve its city services.

Walmart is clearly not a controversial subject with the City Council and 70 percent of Atascadero voters. Why can’t the majority rule?