Letters to the Editor

Letter: Proud Cougar

For the last two years I have attended Cuesta College with the goal to transfer to Cal Poly. I served on the executive cabinet of the student government and was a member of numerous campus governance committees. I got to know the teaching staff, administrators and management personnel. The staff at Cuesta College goes above and beyond their call of duty to help and support students. Cuesta’s extra effort is what makes it a premiere institution. It has made me feel prepared for classes at Cal Poly this fall.

This is not to say that no other community colleges has teaching staff that puts in extra effort; they all do. Based on my involvement, I can say the entire community college system works very hard to educate its students. However, it was a special moment at the transfer day orientation at Cal Poly when all the Cuesta students were mentioned in the welcome address by the dean of students.

I have always been proud to be a Cougar, but that day was especially nice. I have to thank the outgoing teachers from all the Cuesta campus communities, from Paso Robles to Nipomo, for their exceptional work.