Letters to the Editor

Letter: Imitate success

I must disagree with The Tribune’s position in support of Proposition 30, as explained on Sep. 2. There are many reasons for my position, and I will address some of them.

California has some of the highest taxes in the country. Our teachers are the highest paid in the nation. Our school testing results are below the national average. Our graduation rate is 66 percent (35th in the nation) while North Dakota’s rate is 86 percent (second in the nation) and their teacher pay is 49th highest.

A simple analysis shows that there is no correlation between public school spending per student and graduation rates, or, for that matter, test results. How else do you explain that out of the top 10 states in graduation rates, six of them are in the bottom 50 percent in per-student spending , and six are in the bottom seven in teacher pay?

Our state legislators are the highest paid in the country, and our state has the highest debt in the nation, and yet we can’t educate our children. Why can’t we imitate the successful states and incorporate their programs?

If we give these incompetent boobs more money, they will continue to waste it on the same old useless programs, and I refuse to enable them to do that.