Letters to the Editor

Letter: Reject entitlements

My wife and I live beneath our means. We can, thus, save and invest and this has led to our financial independence.

Yet, some Democrats regard people like us almost as criminals. Somehow we’re to blame for not doing more for other people with our modest, self-earned wealth, even though we pay our taxes and contribute to several charities. We’re regarded as part of the “rich” set — the “1 percent.”

We are not part of the 1 percent. We’re not even close. We’re clearly a part of the so-called “99 percent.” However, unlike some of the 99 percent, we and many others are self-reliant and are therefore not dependent on any kind of entitlements.

I believe that, for this and for other reasons, Democrats are uncomfortable with us: We’re “99 percenters,” but their class-envy ploys don’t work on us. Our votes can’t be bought by any Democratic entitlement program. But most of all, maybe they’re afraid others who still have their self-respect may realize that they, too, should be more self-reliant and reject the Democrats and their costly entitlement giveaway programs for the good of the country and its fiscal health.