Letters to the Editor

Letter: Cash into schools

The Tribune says our schools may be irreparably harmed if Proposition 30 doesn’t pass. Guess what? Schools have already been irreparably harmed because the state government cannot get its priorities straight. How many years have lawmakers hoped their budgeting gimmicks will work? I’ve lost count. Proposition 30 expects to raise $6 billion per year, giving schools no less than $200 per student. If it doesn’t pass, $6 billion will be cut from the budget, and most of it from the schools portion. Why can’t the state cut spending elsewhere?

Well, I have another proposition for you, which is much better than the governor’s plan. It will provide $1,000 per student, help pay down the state debt and establish local control for spending the money. It is fair in share of cost and doesn’t rely on fluctuating income of people annually earning $250,000 or more. Proposition 38 will put cash into schools. For too long, we’ve been waiting for the state to do right by our children. For too long, it has failed. It’s time to take back control. I want my tax dollars to go to schools — not Sacramento. Please join me in voting yes on Proposition 38.