Letters to the Editor

Letter: Beware of terrible scam

I just got a phone call from my grandson. He said, “Gramma, can you talk? I was just in an accident. I hit an elderly lady and they took her to the hospital to check her out because she has osteoporosis. I didn’t pay my car insurance last month, so I don’t have any insurance. I didn’t want to call my parents because I want to talk to them in person. Would you please talk to this officer?” The officer got on the line identifying himself as a staff sergeant with the Colorado state troopers. He is bending the rules a bit, but if I will send the money for the damages to the lady’s car, then they won’t charge my grandson and he will be released as soon as the money gets there from MoneyGram.

I could have sworn I was talking to my grandson (do all teenage boys sound alike?), and I was very upset. But my daughter-in-law verified that my grandson was in school, not in Colorado. The man had the nerve to call back to verify the money was on the way. When my husband told him we knew it was a scam, the thief said, “Well, good luck catching me.”

I would like to warn readers not to fall for this terrible scam.