Letters to the Editor

Letter: An unholy alliance

The Republican Party of today is an unholy alliance between Christian evangelicals and traditional Republicans whose main objective is to reduce taxes for the wealthy and make deep cuts in spending on social welfare programs that help children, the elderly and the poorest Americans.

The traditional, or “oldguard,” Republicans don’t give a darn about anti-abortion or anti-gay marriage issues. They only want the evangelical vote so they can put their own people (like Mitt Romney) into the oval office.

But it is the evangelicals who have really sold their souls to the devil in this bargain. Why? Because the main ethical imperative of Christianity is to help the sick, the elderly, the poor, the weak and the children.

By aligning themselves with the traditional Republican economic agenda, they are supporting policies that directly contradict the teachings of Jesus Christ. My Christian friends say that there is nothing in scripture that could be quot ed or cited to justify other Christians who support a government economic policy that helps the wealthy while abandoning the poor.