Letters to the Editor

Letter: Rooted in socialism

Reacting to the Aug. 30 letter about the documentary “2016: Obama’s America,” in which Michael Sullivan wrote: “What a coincidence that this propaganda film arrives at exactly the same time as the GOP convention” — I am stunned! Who would time a film’s release to attract its largest audience and potentially maximize profits?

One basis for Sullivan’s indignation at people calling Obama a “non-American socialist” is a silly Mitt Romney joke about Obama’s birthplace. However, Obama himself is the source of this nonsense. To wit: the biography provided by the publisher of his memoir (the first, of two, from a law firm associate!) stated that the author, one Barack Obama, was born in Kenya.

Sullivan seems equally offended that some believe the president is a socialist. In his book, Obama informs us that his mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, a socialist writer and card-carrying member of Communist Party USA. He goes on in this literary masterpiece to describe choosing friends carefully, “Marxist Professors” and other far-leftists, so as not to be seen a “sellout.” His administration is filled with the same types of people.

Many Americans believe the president’s policies are rooted in socialism and have not worked; history tells us they never will.