Letters to the Editor

Letter: Relevant questions

Michael Sullivan (Letters, Aug. 30) suggests that the movie “2016: Obama’s America” is a propaganda movie filled with character assassination aimed at Obama.

Most people thought it was time to break the cycle of mostly rich white guys who were dominating the presidency since the inception of this republic. I, like most people at the time, was ready to vote for any minority to demonstrate that we could move on from our blemished past. Unfortunately, our mainstream media were not prepared to conduct the usual due diligence on this president, such as the examinations that Republican presidents invariably have to endure, since he promised complete transparency.

Had they done some investigative reporting, movies such as “2016” would not flourish like this one. It would be interesting to know whether Michael Sullivan has seen the movie, since much of the movie only builds on what Obama states himself from his books. “2016” asks some relevant questions but does not provide all the answers, and I am not sure that we will ever know.

I have a feeling that it might end like the movie “The Day of the Jackal,” where the French inspector remarks that we might never know who the Jackal really was.