Letters to the Editor

Letter: Checking the facts

The McClatchy story “Fact check: GOP Bends the Truth,” Aug. 31, contains several GOP convention quotes that the author classified as halftruths, misleading statements, obfuscations and downright falsehoods.

Some of the article’s claims require fact checking the fact checker. Is the GOP dumb enough to publish auditable false data in the information age?

The author’s main source, Politifact, is a clearly left-wing, politically biased organization. But the rest of the answer lies with reporter William Douglas’s objectivity.

One example is his claim that President Barack Obama never issued a formal apology for America. He cites a speech in Paris when Obama said: “There have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.” Try testing the context by adding the words: “This is not an apology.” The author makes several other claims that readers should audit by review of historical fact.

The people should not yield their sovereignty to their elected servants, but managing elected officials requires impartial reporting. The press needs to hold itself to a standard far higher than the yellow one. Fortunately, there is hope and change in the 21st century. Newspaper chains might do well to read the financial handwriting on their walls.