Letters to the Editor

Letter: Self-protection

Rita Belluz (letters, Aug. 31) opines that the president’s claim that there is awar on women is “shameless pandering.” She also thinks “the whole point of feminism (is) to assert that women be recognized as equals and not simply as sex objects.”

Her take on feminism is correct. However, there is a war on women. The war is due to alargely male Congress exhibiting a seeming “obsessive focus on birth control and abortion” that says to women they may have control over their bodies, except for their uteruses.

Thinking women do not “just sit around contemplating (their) reproductive organs all day long.” Nor are they “too dumb to be interested in any other issue.” Women are as concerned as men about “the economy, jobs, foreign policy and runaway government spending.”

If women sit around contemplating anything, it is how to protect themselves from chauvinistic men who think they know more about a woman’s body than does a woman herself.