Letters to the Editor

Letter: Move to Iran?

In the Aug. 22 Tribune, a wire story about earthquake relief in Iran said the Treasury Department issued temporary general licenses to nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations, which allows Iran to receive donations from U.S. citizens to aid relief efforts. Isn’t the Treasury Department a government entity?

What is a “temporary general license” giving our money to another country because 50,000 people were left homeless? Those homeless people will never see that money. No, the Iranian government didn’t ask for international aid. Neither did Haiti.

More than $1 billion was donated to Haiti. Those people are still living in tents. Whose pockets got lined with that money?

Below that item: Iran is busy building secret nuclear weapons-related experiments, two senior U.N. diplomats said. That’s where the money for the homeless will go.

Then, in an Aug. 24 Tribune wire story, Iranians are speeding up production of nuclear fuel; talks with the United States have ground to a halt. New equipment is being installed in an underground military base considered invulnerable to military attack.

We should have blown that up a few years ago when the “powers that be” were talking about it! And we are going to send them more money?

I think not!