Letters to the Editor

Letter: So long, whales

The recent decision by the State Lands Commission will permit the use of a geophysical survey vessel that will tow 18 soundgenerating air guns and sound-recording hydrophones along one of the most sensitive and crucial marine areas in the world. These guns will repeatedly discharge an enormously loud sound (260 decibels) every 13 to 15 seconds, 24 hours a day, for two months.

Can there be any question as to the negative impact this will have? As one fisherman said at the Commission meeting, “The fish will just get up and go.”

Does the public know that no matter what these surveys indicate, there is no assurance that PG&E will pack up its plant (leaving the spent fuel rods behind) and leave? Why? This seismic test was ordered by the state of California, but Diablo Canyon operates under the aegis of the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

This intrusive and deadly seismic testing procedure won’t change anything, except that feeding whales may no longer be seen at Avila, nor porpoises along the coast of Morro Bay and Cambria.