Letters to the Editor

Letter: Broken Washington

I attended the forum held recently sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce at a local church. It was a face-toface luncheon meeting between Rep. Lois Capps, the incumbent Democrat, and Abel Maldonado, the Republican challenger.

The moderator was a local TV newscaster, and he did an outstanding job. Written questions were submitted by the audience in advance. Maldonado was knowledgeable, well-prepared and responded directly in answering the questions.

In her responses, Rep. Capps lapsed into political campaign rhetoric, strayed from the topic, and twice had to ask to have the question repeated. It is obvious to me that Washington, D.C., is broken and changes are needed.

Two examples: Recent health care legislation rushed through to a vote, and excessive government red tape cited by Maldonado, who said that his “children could not even feed the goats because of child labor laws.” My question: Is it November yet?