Letters to the Editor

Letter: Close Diablo Canyon

PG&E has an expert public relations department. It is capable of lulling SLO County residents to sleep with regard to “safety” at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant and radioactive waste site, currently storing more than 6 million pounds of highly radioactive waste with nowhere to go.

There’s another part to the story. Diablo Canyon sucks in more than 2.5 billion gallons of ocean water every day, cooling the steam generators and returning into the ocean at 26 degrees warmer than when it entered the plant, killing small sea life of all kinds.

We already knew that. The part that the public is not aware of is this: All nuclear plants emit radiation. Some deliberately release liquid radioactive waste into rivers or oceans via pipes from liquid waste tanks. All release tritium into the air through their ventilation stacks. And of course they can leak, too.

Diablo Canyon, an aged facility built on the intersection of at least 13 earthquake faults, with one, the Diablo Cove Fault, directly beneath the Unit 1 reactor, is not safe and cannot be safe. It needs to be shut down, at least by the end of the current license period, and the radioactive waste must be moved to hardened onsite storage.

This is the least we can do for the future generations.