Letters to the Editor

Letter: An intellectual view

With such an unprecedented partisanship in our government these past four years, it’s a testament to the will and the dedication of a president who “will do the right thing,” regardless of the personal consequences.

I have seen and heard many conversations stating grossly erroneous statistics, most likely parroted from a negative campaign advertisement aired during a Rush Limbaugh show or extracted from a Fox News broadcast. Sadly enough, these conversations resemble Facebook posts.

I would recommend researching each topic more thoroughly.

Every candidate for high office has to contend with an extensive background investigation and is subjected to an intense scrutiny of every action. Whether they are on the offense or on the defense, it is unpleasant to bear witness to.

This coming election day, try to take a more intellectual view of the candidates’ achievements. Character assassinations are unproductive and typically one-sided. I don’t know about any of you, but President Clinton’s personal dalliance had little to do with his record of brilliant leadership while in office. Leave that to him and Hillary.

Don’t judge Obama as a failure because of the appearance of a long-term policy not given the time to bear the fruits of success. A vision takes more than four years to gain traction. As the old adage says: Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.