Letters to the Editor

Letter: Negativity is taxing

Have you ever wondered why a negative posture has nearly four times more impact than a positive one? The power given to a Louis Farrakhan or an Adolf Hitler or even a dolt like Rush Limbaugh is at best untenable. The babblings of Il Duce in Italy or James Jones in Guyana simply overpowered the masses and in turn led to their physical, spiritual, and mental demise. Why are they provided the platform to not only gather supporters but lead them to their ultimate doom?

Each time I am inundated with the obvious lies, innuendos, and misstatements by Fox News and the bought and paid for print media, I am amazed at the complacency that seems to abound. It makes me wonder why I bother to defend my positivity and hope.

When folks like Charles Krauthammer are afforded constant half page editorial space in several newspapers on a daily basis, it makes me wonder, is this an even playing field? This leads me to my final rhetorical question, what is the difference between a radical and a realist? Could the answer be as obvious as “Truth?”

This most recent choice of GOP running mate should put an end to any doubt as to what a radical is, and is most certainly not my cup of TEA.