Letters to the Editor

Letter: Evidence of bias

Media bias in favor of the liberal Democratic administration is well documented, and McClatchy Tribune is certainly not subtle in its efforts to re-elect President Obama.

Romney news articles are negative and printed near the front of the paper, and the Opinion page letters are selected overwhelmingly from pro-Obama writers.

Note the three weekend days (Aug. 24, 25, and 26) when your paper printed eight letters against Romney/Republican positions. One letter on Saturday was an amazingly quick response to a brilliant Charles Krauthammer column on Iran, printed just the day before. Wow, was ever a Republican letter printed so quickly?

A letter from Timothy Broz on Aug. 24 was so amazingly inaccurate regarding individual tax rates as to be laughable to anyone who ever prepared tax returns.

What editor selects this one-sided litany of Democratic talking points?

The president being “cool” does not fix the economy, the enormous debt, the lack of a federal budget, government waste, energy independence, unconstitutional federal power grabs, private sector job losses and an inability to compromise with Congress (a co-equal branch).

A campaigner, not a leader. Four more years? I think not.