Letters to the Editor

Letter: Good time for campus

I think a South County campus for Allan Hancock College would be great for South County students. During my great years at Hancock, I spoke with the former college president about this idea. He was not opposed to the idea, but it was not something he’d want to work on immediately. I told him I thought it would be a smart idea, since many South County students already attend Hancock because it’s closer than Cuesta College.

I think now would be a good time to act to secure a site, because Cuesta is in a financial crisis where it can’t expand. Hancock is not in a financial crisis and is currently finishing remodeling the main campus. Hancock has also trumped Cuesta by having higher acceptance rates into Cal Poly for the past two years, and Hancock faculty will go outside of the norm to help students, which means some professors will help students outside office hours.

I feel there should be a vote in South County to see if taxpayers are in support for a campus, and also so Cuesta can’t cry that we stepped on its territory, because it’s the citizens’ choice.