Letters to the Editor

Letter: Let's clean house

The citizens of Paso Robles deserve a new beginning, starting by following what The Tribune wrote about as the only way to change the current mayor: by the community deciding on a write-in candidate opposing Duane Picanco and winning.

Next step is to use the “at will” provision to replace the city manager. Then remove and replace both city attorneys; don’t increase taxes or fees; revisit the regulatory codes and costly consultants! City council should reduce burdens on local businesses and building/development fees for the housing market to recover.

Fact: We desperately need an economic development manager to bring businesses to our community. Economic development works to provide jobs for the city’s tax and revenue base, relieving higher taxes and increased fees.

Fact: The Paso Robles Police Department, Emergency Services and Public Works budget are roughly the same as they were in 2004 or earlier. Crime has not decreased; our population has increased.

“We the people” of Paso Robles are missing chances for joint workshops between City Council and Planning Commission on a Saturday, when people can participate and provide the information on what direction they want our city to take.