Letters to the Editor

Letter: A lesson from '2016'

Carol Kiessig (Letters, Aug. 28) praises the new GOP propaganda film railing against President Obama as a “non-American” socialist. Recently, Mitt Romney tried to burnish this bit of character assassination further by quipping that at least he (Romney) didn’t have questions about where he was born. What a coincidence that this propaganda film arrives at exactly the same time as the GOP convention.

Once again, the GOP chooses to engage in character assassination based on spurious theories, rather that providing the American public with answers to real issues.

For example: If there were another GOP-sponsored film titled “2016: Romney’s America,” would the film provide information about how much more we would have to pay for health care insurance if we scrap Medicare for a voucher program? Would the film provide any information about which income tax deductions the middle class would lose in order to pay for Romney’s proposed additional tax cuts for the super-wealthy? Would it tell us the cost in dollars and lives when Romney invades Iran? Of course not.

Yes, there is a lesson from this new film: Sensationalism, negativity and character assassination are more powerful messages than an objective and honest analysis of the real issues.