Letters to the Editor

Letter: Promote the whales

Hey San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara county chambers of commerce, residents, visitors — think about this — wouldn’t it be grand for our economy to have the whales returning to Avila every year, along with all the visitors following them?

Imagine the possibilities of promoting an ecological economic base versus allowing seismic testing to kill marine life and destroy the local fishing industry, just so PG&E can build a case for keeping a nuclear plant sitting on an earthquake fault.

I personally love to travel to Maui in February to see the whales. How about promoting travel to the Central Coast in August to see these gorgeous creatures? That’s clean business, good for everyone, and great for future generations.

Let’s also build safe, alternative energy and stop this insane use of nuclear power. Did we learn nothing from the Japanese and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster?