Letters to the Editor

Letter: Help solve problem

My interpretation may not be precise in regard to Mr. Iqbal’s and Mr. Peschong’s discussions of gun violence (Tribune, Aug. 19), but Mr. Iqbal appeared to be looking at the big picture and trying to provide possible solutions to a real problem.

Mr. Peschong seems to be focusing on a political issue of gun control or lack thereof. I think that we need ideas and solutions to problems, not just a defensive stance against gun control.

I’ve owned guns for 60 years and have had no problems. I don’t own any military weapons or assault weapons. These are for military use and are not much needed by me or my neighbors.

There should be some control on weaponry designed specifically to kill people. We need to pay attention to the folks around us who have violent mental issues. They probably don’t need even a hunting rifle or a shotgun.

I couldn’t handle the situation in which a moron shot my grandson or a loved one. Could you?

This is an issue of responsibility and too much easy access to weapons. We all need to be a part of the solution. Don’t fight one another; the laws are pretty clear. Help solve the problem with some proactive ideas.