Letters to the Editor

Letter: A simple fix

Ever since the inception of Social Security in the 1930s, the right wing has tried to undermine it. The AP is now on board with its recent articles and hair-on-fire headlines.

In contrast to the headline, however, the article in the Aug. 21 Tribune states, “Relative to alot of other things right now, Social Security is in pretty good shape.”

It is an all-too-common political ploy to divert our attention from unemployment, wages that do not keep up with inflation, a widening wealth gap, and the lack of health care for millions of our citizens.

Funding of Social Security has a simple fix: Remove the income cap on which Social Security taxes are based, currently $110,000. The “problem” would be solved instantly if this were to happen. Does Congress have the courage to ask wealthier Americans to pay more so that less wealthy citizens can stay out of poverty in their old age? Not likely for this Congress, whose main function is to give more to the already wealthy.

Alternatively, how about raising the salary cap by $50,000 per year? In five years, the salary cap would be $360,000, which is just about the income level of the top 1 percent.