Letters to the Editor

Letter: President Romney

Climate alarmists are losing the fight to slow global warming. Apathy or powerlessness has overtaken the conversation, decreasing the pressure on politicians for meaningful remedies.

Have we resigned ourselves to a warmer world? Will we do nothing to slow or reverse CO2 emissions? A Romney White House would react to environmental concerns as Reagan did: less regulation to impede the energy sector.

The solar panels Reagan took down were a symbol of his attitude toward global warming, thumbing his nose at alarmists. Any increase in fossil fuel consumption will only accelerate what scientists are calling the end of the Holocene, the geologic period of the last 10,000 years whose end will come with mass extinctions. It is nothing new to the planet, but certainly a lifestylechanging event for us.

It’s ironic: What we need to do to keep us safe won’t occur until it’s forced upon us, then we’ll adapt easily. We could change our lifestyles now, and the Earth will recover from our overconsumption, or wait until the planet rebels, forcing us to change more abruptly in the future.

The oil industry has a vested interest in concealing the truth. It is our choice who to believe.