Letters to the Editor

Letter: Working it out in M.B.

John Diodati, I value your opinion (“Viewpoint: Wastewater plant can’t pass muster,” Aug. 16) regarding the wastewater treatment plant in Morro Bay. After reading former Mayor Janice Peters’ Viewpoint (Aug. 8), I also looked up some information because she stated, “We began slowly raising our wastewater billing rates ”

I found this not to be the case. According to my memory (and the city website), they were raised substantially in 2008. January 2008 rates were increased 5 percent, and in July 2008, they were increased 50 percent!

I am also concerned about higher rates for everyone because I know it will be much harder for some to pay, but I do not like to read false information published in the newspaper. I know we have so many generous and intelligent people in Morro Bay that we will work this out.