Letters to the Editor

Letter: Redistribution

Re: “Old slogan is the best” by Bill Weber, letters, Aug. 12: This is to inform Weber that governmental redistribution of wealth and income has already happened. It was done largely via income taxes, whereby the Bush tax cuts favoring the fattest cats has made huge disparities in our wealth and income.

Examples: The richest incomes are mostly from dividends and long-term capital gains and thus taxed at only 15 percent, while normal worker income is taxed at 35 percent. The top 1 percent of income earners get more than the bottom 90 percent; six Wal-Mart heirs hold more wealth than 40 percent of Americans combined .

Given Weber’s concern for fairness, I presume “only little people pay taxes” and “let them eat cake” could be slogans that he would endorse. (With apologies to Leona H. and Marie A.)