Letters to the Editor

Letter: Two-class society

I am in the process of moving to San Luis Obispo and am sorry to hear that public-sector unions are under attack. Have those blaming unions for our economic woes been brainwashed by the 1 percent — the real culprits?

Where would we be without unions in our history? Think about it! We take their accomplishments such as weekends, 40-hour work weeks and no child labor for granted.

Without unions, there would not be anything like a living wage because there would be no communication between workers and employers! We would probably be a two-class society — rich and poor! There would be no middle class.

You don’t have to like unions, but if unions lose, if unions have no power, there is very little standing in the way of the takeover of our democracy; the 1 percent and their money would rule. Anyone who cares about retaining government “of, by and for the people” should hope unions keep their rights.