Letters to the Editor

Letter: Explain seismic EIC

I applaud your increasing coverage of the proposed Diablo Seismic Imaging Project, which is set to begin next month. One thing I have not seen coverage of is the environmental impact report prepared for the California State Lands Commission, which can be found on their website at www.slc.ca.gov  .

In particular, I am concerned about the impact found in section 4.4, Biological Resources — Marine. Within that section, Impact MARINEBIO-12 says: “Injury or mortality to marine mammals would occur due to noise during seismic survey acquisition.” This impact is defined as “significant and unavoidable .” A “Level A” take is considered the equivalent of a “biological removal.”

I certainly hope someone explains this report in plain language to the public, so we can understand what is set to occur off our coast this fall and can consent to or oppose it. If the effects to whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions and especially the harbor porpoise are as I read them, I for one oppose this project.