Letters to the Editor

Letter: Role of government

All four fellows competing for the nation’s top two executive positions are honorable men, good Americans who want the best for our country. But they have very different views for the role of government.

The Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket looks on benevolent capitalism as the solution to our social woes, whereas Barack Obama/Joe Biden look to tax-supported programs for our educational, health and old-age problems. I have to agree with the Obama/Biden notion, as I find very few of the super-rich capitalists actually give a damn about the common folk.

Certainly there are some, like Bill Gates and George Soros, but in the main, the wealthiest 1 percent of this country is primarily interested in keeping its money, not letting it “trickle down” as proposed by economist Milton Friedman, to the middle or lower classes. No, the nonbenevolent capitalists keep their wealth secure by living in well-guarded and gated communities or moving to places such as Switzerland and Singapore.