Letters to the Editor

Letter: Health care for all

From what I hear, Americans love Medicare. With that said, it is amazing when I hear selfish, short-sighted people badmouth President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

I would like to see every person who is receiving Medicare, and isn’t supportive of a national health care program, return their Medicare cards.

Who was it that said, “To the least of these?”

Certainly the Affordable Care Act has intricate complicated policy issues, but to throw the baby out with the bath water. ...

The moral issue is as clear as day: Every industrialized country in the world has found a better fix to the issue of health care, except the U.S.

Why? Only in the U.S. have elected officials been bought by corporate and partisan greed, thereby denying the common good for the people.

Affordable health care for all! Access for all! Lower costs for all!

This pathway leads to a decent society, and continued obstruction of the Affordable Care Act is properly called indecent.