Letters to the Editor

Letter: Successful season

Thank you, San Luis Obispo County! Festival Mozaic has recently concluded its 42nd season, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Forty-four pieces of music were performed by 69 musicians after 73 rehearsals at 21 different events, which took place in 14 different venues. Forty-six private homes were opened to provide housing for visiting artists, and 55 volunteers worked more than 800 hours. The 12-member board of directors oversees a full-time staff of just three people. And of course, there’s only one Scott Yoo, our extraordinary music maestro!

We extend a warm thank you to all of our sponsors, including major sponsors Lucia Cleveland and Paul Vanderheyden, who sponsored Scott Yoo. We also thank the Hind Foundation, Judge William Clark, KCBX radio, KSUC radio, AT&T, Charles Meyers and Big Sky Cafe.

We also thank all the families who opened their homes to house musicians and host rehearsals and events. Thank you to the 12 wineries that donated wine and the 55 volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the 11-day event. It truly does take a community to make a festival. We are grateful to be a part of such a fine community.