Letters to the Editor

Letter: Keep out the bias

The Tribune’s claimed efforts to present unbiased political news took a hit last Saturday (Aug. 4) with its Page A3 story, “Obama widens national lead over Romney.” This article should never have been printed.

The writer based the story on a Pew Research poll taken July 16-26 that shows Obama’s lead now at 10 percentage points. But why was the Pew survey used for the article?

According to RealClear-Politics ( www.realclearpolitics.com  ), an excellent source for polling data because it shows results from nine nonpartisan polling firms, the Pew results are an outlier. The most recent results from the other eight pollsters range from Romney being +2 to Obama being +6. The average for all nine is +3 for Obama. Choosing to highlight only the +10 for Obama represents clear bias.

Furthermore, the Pew results are not even the latest. Rasmussen and Gallup both released polls taken more recently with results showing Romney +2 and Obama +3, respectively.

I understand the tendency of most news organizations, including The Tribune, to support Democrats for political office. I’m used to it. At the same time, though, I expect The Tribune to not allow this bias to influence its selection of articles to print.