Letters to the Editor

Letter: Typical politician

Republicans are becoming irrelevant in California politics. And Rep. Kevin McCarthy has to accept blame for much of the decline of the GOP in this state.

If Mr. McCarthy would spend more time staying in touch with Californians and representing the will of the majority of California voters, and less time representing the interests of Grover Norquist, rightwing extremists, and working to defeat Democrats in other states, perhaps the GOP would be more relevant to California voters.

Mr. McCarthy has, unfortunately, become a typical self-serving Washington politician. He has become a creature and creation of the very problems that turn off voters when it comes to Congress. In an effort to build his personal importance and rank in Congress and the GOP, he has put partisan politics above representing his constituents. He is a classic example of why life-long Republicans are turning into independents.

So, Mr. McCarthy, get back in touch with the people you are supposed to represent. Pay more attention to the issues that are important to California and not the social issues of the extreme rightwingers. Lay your personal ambitions aside. Be a representative of the people in your district and this state. But, be warned! To do what needs to be done will require you to learn, practice and understand the meaning of the word “compromise.”