Letters to the Editor

Letter: Multiple offenses

In response to his July 27 opinion column, “Religion makes the front page,” Phil Dirkx manages to offend on multiple fronts. First, he summarily dismisses a local demographic, recalling a time when “atheists used to be satisfied to just sit back and feel quietly superior.” This disdainful attitude has no place in our local print, serving only to demean and disregard a local minority.

Next, Dirkx moves on to an ostensibly related article discussing the Higgs boson particle and how it’s “hard to understand.” Now, I understand that the column is titled “Over the Hill,” but this kind of willful ignorance is unhelpful and frankly depressing to read.

Leaving alone the lame corn syrup joke he closes with, I just want to encourage more constructive, less divisive columns in the future. Codgerism is no excuse.