Letters to the Editor

Letter: Praise for assistant dogs

Today through Saturday is International Assistant Dog Week.

Today, you find dogs working with humans dealing with autism, PTSD, vision impairment, seizures and diabetes. To be a qualified service dog is to be a very special dog with an exacting temperament. Even then, there is a great deal of training to assure that these dogs behave appropriately in public areas.

The sad fact is that there is a great need and few dogs. Training is expensive and rarely covered by insurance, many families struggle to find the means and their assistant canine.

I was told that I would have to wait four to five years, after my doctor gave me 30 days to find a dog. I was fortunate to find Doggie Do Good in Arroyo Grande. Led by a very special trainer, Sandy Sandberg, this group takes great care in their training and the evaluation of placing the right dog with the right human. At this time, they are seeking to begin the foundation to help cover those costs and lessen the financial burden on families.

This week, my hope is that people will recognize the work of dogs, the people they serve and those who dedicate their lives to make this a better world for both humans and dogs.