Letters to the Editor

Letter: Let's use computer chips

Kudos to reader Edward Norman of Arroyo Grande (Letters, July 29) for recognizing that more sternly encouraging methods are needed to stop illegal border crossers.

National identity cards make clever good sense, but if I may offer a modest proposal, identity cards for all the right people aren’t sufficiently instructive to deter the wrong people. What would certainly work much more decisively are computer chips inserted beneath the skin of all who cross into the United States (we citizens soon will be wanting to arrange for our own to be inserted).

The tracking chips could be humanely shot from a safe distance into the bodies of those attempting illegal (or even legal, let’s be completely serious) entry into the U.S., equipped with gentle nanodetonators that would serve as comforting reminders of the illegal residents’ status if they attempted to enroll a child in kindergarten (or university), seek medical care or make a retail purchase (this should be giggles to watch from the parking lot).

I’m not suggesting unduly powerful detonators are needed, just cute little ones capable of gouging out an eye or popping a knee. It is so reassuring to know that many neighbors are right thinking. And so far ahead of the historical curve.