Letters to the Editor

Letter: A building fury

There is a sense of fury building in America and it is because of the lies the politicians and the media are feeding us. More and more people are reading between the lines and seeing that we are being manipulated by Wall Street. We are not seeing the riots that are happening around the world where austerity measures are being put in place, or even here in America with the 99 percenters protesting.

Neither one of the parties has any job creation or a plan to rein in Wall Street. The Frank-Dodd bill that passed last year to rein in Wall Street has never been implemented because of lobbying by Wall Street. I’m so disappointed in our representative, Lois Capps — she is not listening to her constituents. I called and emailed her not to vote for the bailout, and she still is playing puppet to the regime. She will not endorse the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, and this past week she did not vote for an audit of the Federal Reserve. We have let Wall Street police themselves, and you see where that has got us.

Something has to be done. Reinstate Glass-Steagall and stop the banks from manipulating America.