Letters to the Editor

Letter: I’m not objective

Pat Moore states in her letter (“Hypocritical diatribe,” July 30), “Professor Iqbal pretends to be objective on issues,” but my taking the same position as Democrats makes me hypocritical. I neither pretend to be, nor do I claim to be objective as an opinion columnist.

An objective person is neutral on the matter under consideration, e.g., the presiding judge in a court case. In an opinion column, the columnist already has taken a stand on the issue and presents facts and evidence supporting his/her position.

Perhaps an example would help clarify. A gubernatorial candidate is running in a liberal state. She takes a liberal position on the issues and gets elected. After getting elected, she vigorously implements her liberal agenda. After some years, she runs for a national office. Her opponent is viewed as a liberal. To attract conservative voters, she makes a 180-degree turn and takes ultraconservative positions on the same issues. Now this is hypocrisy. One may justifiably say she has no principles; she shamelessly changes her position for self-interest and exploits the voters.

As you see, Ms. Moore, the above is not a rebuttal to your letter. My sole objective is to help you understand the nature of an opinion column.