Letters to the Editor

Letter: Where are the savings?

The front-page article “Health insurance rebates on the way” in the July 27 issue of The Tribune describes the health insurance rebate checks that California consumers are receiving from insurers as “one of the first tangible results of the federal health care overhaul.” The article quotes Marta Green, spokeswoman with the state Department of Managed Health Care as saying, “Anything that can make health care more affordable is a positive for consumers.” I certainly agree with that statement.

However, my experience is that the Affordable Care Act is driving up health care costs at a frightening rate. The $4.60 rebate check I received yesterday does nothing to offset the more than 75 percent increase in insurance premiums I have been hit with since President Obama signed the ACA in March 2010. Prior to passage of this bill, the health insurance policy I purchased enabled me to keep my premiums low by opting for a high deductible. Thanks to the ACA, however, my insurer can no longer sell this policy to new clients. As a result, the pool is shrinking and premiums are skyrocketing.

Where are all the cost savings the president and the Democrats in Congress promised me?