Letters to the Editor

Letter: Cellphone for falls

The TV ad shows an older woman on the floor saying, “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.” Then the ad continues to urge you to buy their small pendant that activates a call to a company person that forwards it to a local fire department. But it only works if you are within 600 feet of the device that phones the company.

I’ve fallen several times and needed the fire department to help me back up, and I didn’t need this expensive limited service.

Cellphone companies are required to allow nonsubscribers to make 911 cell calls.

And that is what I do. For about $30, the cost of one month of the company’s service, I have bought an unlocked cellphone. With it I can call 911 free, without cellphone service, anytime and anywhere I am, not just within 600 feet of my home.

I urge your readers who have a problem falling down like I do, to do the same.