Letters to the Editor

Letter: Lives saved by guns

I don’t usually write a follow-up letter, but I have been reading rebuttals by some very unenlightened folks. The fact is that in the 37 states with concealed carry laws, violent crime has decreased.

Every day, people’s lives are saved from violent crime by their possession of a firearm — be it a handgun, rifle or shotgun. Just a display of a firearm is enough to send some criminals fleeing.

In a situation such as the one in Colorado, people were being shot down by an obvious assailant. The people who were being slaughtered were unarmed and panicked. A lot of them were grouped in an exit and were mowed down like sheep. In Virginia, they were seated in a classroom at their desks.

I’m not a vigilante.

I don’t want to die like that. I don’t want to see anyone die like that.

I’m willing to take the responsibility to end the slaughter. I know the majority of rationally thinking people are with me.