Letters to the Editor

Letter: Deny support to Scouts

So, when it comes to the Boy Scouts of America, gay boys and gay and lesbian adult leaders need not apply (Tribune, July 18). That policy, reaffirmed after a two-year review, will continue to stand alongside the Scout Law (which includes “reverence” among its 12 virtues), promoting a contrary message of intolerance, discrimination and bigotry. The harm inflicted by such views on young boys and youths struggling with sexual identity is by now well documented.

The BSA is entitled to its beliefs, no matter how shameful or hurtful, but the organization is not entitled to an implied complicity when religious and other public agencies sign their local charters. People of Faith for Justice urges leaders of religious organizations, public schools, service clubs and community agencies — all of which reap tax advantages in the public square — to remember their commitment to the higher ideals of the greater good of all people and deny support to the Scouts’ point of view.

It grieves us to take this position, but as an interfaith voice for social justice, we are called to embrace the moral fiber built into the fabric of creation.