Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hypocritical diatribe

On the liberal side of The Tribune’s point/counterpoint Commentary on illegal immigration (Voices, July 22), Professor Zaf Iqbal devoted more than half of his words to negative, name-calling Democrat talking points. Among other things, the professor called Republicans hypocrites, declaring that, as a group, they take advantage of cheap immigrant labor while opposing its presence. That is a delirious generalization that deserves some perspective.

Democrats favor taking advantage of cheap foreign labor by illegally importing it. At the same time, Democrats disfavor taking advantage of cheap labor by legally exporting labor to foreign countries. Illegal is better than legal?

Also, Democrats advocate for income equality in the name of “fairness,” but they don’t advocate for the same issue in agriculture and other jobs involving illegal immigration. Do Democrats seek to create a “cheap labor” class?

Professor Iqbal pretends to be objective on issues, but name-calling Democratic talking points are no more objective than the same from Republicans.

There was no comparable talking-point diatribe in the Republican commentary. This is not about right and wrong. It is about who are the hypocrites.