Letters to the Editor

Letter: Help the victims

“No matter what piece of idea that comes forward ... policy is always better when you study and shoot for a solution than shoot for a political answer,” Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, the No. 3 Republican in the House, told reporters the Monday after the Colorado shootings. “And knowing what political nature we’re in right now and knowing we’re coming just after the weekend, I’d like to focus on the families first. But I’d like to have all the facts before we move legislation.”

After reading this comment by Kevin McCarthy and the July 26 article in The Tribune (“Many of the victims may lack insurance and are faced with raising money to cover health care costs”) about the victims of the recent movie theater shooting in Colorado, I will be expecting Mr. McCarthy to spearhead a national effort to help those who will have to pay in more ways than one for simply going to the movies. I also find it chilling that McCarthy uses the term “shoot” twice in relation to this tragedy.