Letters to the Editor

Letter: Mixed feelings

I am sad, angry and energized by Andrew Carter’s withdrawal from the race for mayor for San Luis Obispo.

I am sad because I endorsed him and believe he would have provided the most effective City Council leadership. He’s smart, does his homework, is a caring person and understands business elements of running a government.

I am angry because what we offer council members via compensation and staff support is miniscule. And, because I was a council member in the ’90s, I know the work has easily doubled. Elected officials scramble mentally to keep up with the piles of documents created by staff, to the point that staff has inordinate influence over outcomes.

I am energized because I’m hoping we’ll be motivated to reassess our city governmental structure and decide what role an elected official is expected to fill. If we want part-time figureheads, I believe we’re well on the way to achieving such. If we want elected representatives reflecting voters’ views, I’m for considering full-time council members, paying a living wage, providing at least one staff person and functioning more like the Board of Supervisors.

Now, I’m interested in what voters think. Any and all comments are welcome.