Letters to the Editor

Letter: Three governors

It has become very apparent that our wonderful nation, born out of the desire of our founding fathers to be free of British tyranny and to give their children more opportunities, is no longer a free and democratic country. We are governed by three elements. Our legislators are not elected by us. They are paid for by corporations and special interests.

Those of us who are constituents of Rep. Kevin McCarthy are not being represented by him. He signed Grover Norquist’s pledge not to raise taxes, so whatever the situation is or the needs of the people who voted for him, his only pledge is to a man who was never elected to be our representative.

The third group that is governing our country is the NRA. Each time we have a tragedy such as the one in Colorado, many people ask, “Can we have a conversation about reasonable gun control so our children can be safer?” However, the anxiety dies down and we go on with life.

I will be voting again for President Obama, but I wonder if my vote for a senator, a congressman or a state legislator is really going to count. I wonder what our founding fathers would say about our democracy now?